Because Art Matters (BAM), is a contemporary art platform and art gallery located within 8 Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal that promotes and amplifies synergies between artists, art lovers, and a community of art collectors and investors that are searching for fine art and exclusive limited-edition artworks that break formal and conceptual boundaries.

Whilst working alongside a diverse roster of both national and international established artists, BAM focuses on the new contemporary art movement, spanning across various genres including fine art, street art, visionary art, sculpture, and the infinite connections in-between.

Because Art Matters curates and produces a distinct array of solo and group exhibitions throughout the year as well as collaboration projects and bespoke private art collections.

When acquiring a work of art with BAM, you have our guarantee of purchasing always signed and certified Artworks.

If you have never invested in a work of art before, we would like to do what we can to be your first.

Because Art Matters