MAR: Artwork

Gonçalo MAR: Street Art – Murals

Gonçalo MAR Street Art "Polaridades" Barreiro, Portugal / Photo: Miguel Chocobai

In Gonçalo MAR, the desire to go in the street and turn the walls into canvas was immense. In 1998, the adventure began and since then MAR has been developing a unique style and creating a body of work capable of being among the best, always with a strong, dynamic, current, pertinent message.

Year: Since 1998

BINAU: Artwork


BINAU Artist "Flash Tattoo"
As an extension of his work, Binau brings pain to people with his  handpoke tattooing skills.

Year: SINCE 2019

BINAU: Artwork

BINAU: Street Art – Murals


To sissy to paint illegally always painted where he could paint free from cop stress. 

These are some of the walls Binau have painted throughout the years.

He started painting with paint and brushes and more recently with graffiti cans.

Year: SINCE 2012

Media: 82% Mixed Media / 8% of something we can´t explain!

BINAU: Artwork

BINAU: Illustration “Paint Over Postcards”

BINAU Paint-Over Postcards Original Artwork "EvilKid II"

BINAU started collecting postcards and painting over them around 2015.

Some of them are new, some are old and some of them actually belong to someone who wrote a love letter on the back to send to his or her loved one.

No matter what it says or what it shows, it can’t escape the raging will of Binau to twist the plot.

For Binau the name for this act is Paint-Over. 

Year: SINCE 2015

Media: Mixed Media: Markers over postcards and photos

RAM: Artwork

RAM: “Last Man Standing”

RAM Last Man Standing Graffiti Street Art Because Art Matters
“Last Man Standing”

RAM started painting “Last Man Standing” how he calls it in 2004 and since then he took him all over the world.

Last Man Standing lives in abandoned ruined places or in places where nature had take control from human constructions. For  RAM, Last Man Standing represents the last human still living in those places.

Last Man Standing represents all we Humans and our hability to survive.

Year: SINCE 2005

ARM Collective: Artwork

ARM Collective: Street Art – Murals

ARM Collective Graffiti Street Art Mural
ARM Collective

ARM Collective showcases a combination of styles and a unique version of new worlds and visionary moments. There is almost a confrontation of two realities that come together to create harmonious contrasts. If on one hand we have fluid lines, colors in harmony and balanced shapes that build characters, on the other hand we have the explosive, colorful, organic and energetic style of the various worlds and elements that build environments that end up cohabiting due to their contrast. This defines the work of this duo that instills in each project a vision of their dreams and walks dotted with a lot of color, energy and a good story to tell. ARM Collective is a storyteller of parallel realities and magical worlds.

Year: SINCE 2012

BINAU: Artwork

BINAU: Illustration “Paint-Overs”

Binau Paint-over Original Artwork "Wash your feet" 2018

This work comes originally from the postcard paint-overs. What started with small sized canvas, became a great adventure for BINAU to transform stories on a larger scale.

Year: SINCE 2016

Media: Acrylic and markers over vintage prints