ARM Collective: Artwork

ARM Collective: Exhibition “ARMosphere 3.0”

ARM Collective:Street Art:Exhibition:ARMosphere 3.0
ARM Collective
“ARMosphere 3.0” – Exhibition

Coletivo 284, Lisbon

ARMosphere 3.0 explores a body of work and the collaborative vision of the renowned artists in the panorama of national and international urban art, Miguel RAM and Gonçalo MAR, in 3 distinct moments of their careers. The exhibition took place at Colectivo 284 in Lisbon and was a blast.

Year: 2020

ARM Collective: Artwork

ARM Collective: Street Art “Os Lusíadas”

ARM Collective:Street Art:Graffiti:lusiadas
ARM Collective


Os Lusíadas for the whole family, based on the greatest portuguese epic work by Luís Vaz de Camões. This project was an invitation from Visão Magazine, to create a new visual language, based on the interpretive texts of the writer José Luís Peixoto. ARM Collective proposes a transversal way in the look of this work that tells the adventures of our navigators for unknown seas, easy to understand and to decode the poets’ prose.

Year: 2013

ARM Collective: Artwork

ARM Collective: Original Artwork “21Gr.”

ARM Collective
“21 Gr”, 2020

ARMosphere 3.0 series

One of One Artwork

141 x 204 cm

92% Mixed Media / 8% of something we can´t explain

ARM Collective: Artwork

ARM Collective: Original Artwork “ARMosphere” series

ARM Collective:Street Art:Original Art:Canvas

ARM Collective


A journey of intergalactic virtuosity, in the format of painting on canvas in 10 synchronized movements.

Year: 2017

Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm

Media: 82% Mixed Media / 8% of something we can´t explain!

ARM Collective: Artwork

ARM Collective: Street Art – Murals

ARM Collective:Street Art:Graffiti
ARM Collective


ARM Collective showcases a combination of styles and a unique version of new worlds and visionary moments. There is almost a confrontation of two realities that come together to create harmonious contrasts. If on one hand we have fluid lines, colors in harmony and balanced shapes that build characters, on the other hand we have the explosive, colorful, organic and energetic style of the various worlds and elements that build environments that end up cohabiting due to their contrast. This defines the work of this duo that instills in each project a vision of their dreams and walks dotted with a lot of color, energy and a good story to tell. ARM Collective is a storyteller of parallel realities and magical worlds.

Year: SINCE 2012

ARM Collective: Artwork

ARM Collective: Street Art “Time Travellers”

ARM Collective
“TIME TRAVELLERS” – Mural – 2012


“Time Travelers”,  is a mural made 10 years ago in an abandoned and unauthorized complex, where for more than a year and a half the artists painted more than 400 m of wall.

A fantastic and surreal tale that, in a way, presents us with a psychedelic vision of the journey in the life of a dream.

“By far the biggest adventure that as an Arm Collective we set out to tell”

Done without any kind of project in a freestyle mode based in their distinct universes, day after day  history came up, like life surprises ourselves daily.

Rainy days were spent intensly in company of pigeons that like us were living in the spot.

A fantastic surreal tale  and somehow a psycadelic vision, a fabule. a climb in pyramid of life, a love story about life itself,  in name of knowledge and all other superior forces or energies about our human behavior.

A search inside our own being

The painting doesnt exist anymore and is thought that less than 15 people saw it live.

“We had no time for a public opening because a chinese mega store was settled there before they could do it.”

Photography: António Nascimento,  Miguel Ram

Videos: Jorge Matreno, Bruno Canas e Rui Major