CHANGE – Collective Art Exhibition

CHANGE is an artistic passage through a moment of inevitable change. Abrupt. Powerful. Unknown. Revealing. With traces of a release to be found. It is the archetype of our times, under the unequivocal vision of the artists who come together here to, after crossing the interior mutation, make their contribution to a new establishment. And, soon after, continue with the eternal writing of the always attentive and permanent change.

On view till December 19th
Thurday to Saturday, 15:00 – 20:00

Hosted By Freixo Clássicos: Rua cidade de Cadiz N9A, Lisboa

Free Admission

Photo: Ruben Morais Claudino

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If you are around in Lisbon make sure not to miss it! BECAUSE ART MATTERS

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BAM Private Showcase Exhibition, Lisbon

Freixo Clássicos, Lisbon

Because Art Matters was hosted by Freixo Clássicos for a contemporary art showcase, where excluvive artwork from our artists was surrounded by a unique and simbiotic atmosphere crossing the timeless universes of art and classic cars.

ARM Collective | BINAU | Burry Buermans | FIUMANI | Gonçalo MAR | Patrícia Mariano | RAM | Rita Ravasco |

Photo: Gonçalo Vilar de Bó | Vitor Bastos

Month: June | July

Year: 2021


Inner Animals Exhibition, Lisbon

COLETIVO 284, Lisbon
Curated by BAM founder, this exhibition was a journey for a deeper understanding about Artists we Love through their animal of power or inspiration.

Ancients believed that each one of us carries the spirit of a guardian animal that protects us. Also called totem or protective spirit, animals of power are a powerful tool of shamanism, which helps us find our mission and understand our way of being.

As a result 16 artists and their exclusive original artwork are showcased on several media formats, breaking formal and conceptual boundaries with the central theme of our beloved protection x inspiration animals

⚡️Artists line up ⚡️

BINAU |  Burry Buermans |  FIUMANI |  Gonçalo MAR |  Jac de Montaigne |  Mafalda Felizardo | Margarida Fleming |  RAM | Mimi Bastos |  Patrícia Mariano | Pitanga |Rita Ravasco | Sofia Lobato | Sónia Travassos | Tamara Alves | Tinta Crua

Month: July

Year: 2021