DARWIN´S PARADOX is a solo art show by the painter and muralist Jacqueline de Montaigne, curated and produced by Because Art Matters.

OPENING May 31st, 2024

ON VIEW until June 30th (Thursday to Sunday 12h -20h)

Free entrance

8 MARVILA, Praça David Leandro da Silva 8, 1950-064 Lisboa, Portugal

REQUEST CATALOGUE via info@becauseartmatters.com

Photo: Rupert Eden

Inspired by the unique legacy of naturalist Charles Darwin and his invaluable contributions to evolutionary biology, Jacqueline de Montaigne delves into their shared passion and fascination for Biology, particularly Botany and Entomology.

Charles Darwin was a Victorian naturalist who’s decades of study and discoveries culminated in his theory on evolution by natural selection which became the foundation of modern science as we know it today. This theory not only revolutionized science but the political, literary and religious views of his time, forever altering the way we view ourselves and our place in the universe.

Although publicly Darwin shunned the possibility that women were intellectually on par with men, (so that he could defend his theory of evolution by natural selection) he paradoxically and secretly supported women behind closed doors, especially budding scientists, intellectuals and feminists, which organically influenced the artist’s most recent art collection to be a clear celebration of women.

Through Jacqueline de Montaigne’s trademark fusion of figurative and nature themed paintings, “Darwin’s Paradox” is the result of months of research, reflection, dialogue and work materializing in a set of over 50 original artworks that immerse visitors in a journey through the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

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