BAM Private Showcase Exhibition, Lisbon

Freixo Clássicos, Lisbon

Because Art Matters was hosted by Freixo Clássicos for a contemporary art showcase, where excluvive artwork from our artists was surrounded by a unique and simbiotic atmosphere crossing the timeless universes of art and classic cars.

ARM Collective | BINAU | Burry Buermans | FIUMANI | Gonçalo MAR | Patrícia Mariano | RAM | Rita Ravasco |

Photo: Gonçalo Vilar de Bó | Vitor Bastos

Month: June | July

Year: 2021


Inner Animals Exhibition, Lisbon

COLETIVO 284, Lisbon
Curated by BAM founder, this exhibition was a journey for a deeper understanding about Artists we Love through their animal of power or inspiration.

Ancients believed that each one of us carries the spirit of a guardian animal that protects us. Also called totem or protective spirit, animals of power are a powerful tool of shamanism, which helps us find our mission and understand our way of being.

As a result 16 artists and their exclusive original artwork are showcased on several media formats, breaking formal and conceptual boundaries with the central theme of our beloved protection x inspiration animals

⚡️Artists line up ⚡️

BINAU |  Burry Buermans |  FIUMANI |  Gonçalo MAR |  Jac de Montaigne |  Mafalda Felizardo | Margarida Fleming |  RAM | Mimi Bastos |  Patrícia Mariano | Pitanga |Rita Ravasco | Sofia Lobato | Sónia Travassos | Tamara Alves | Tinta Crua

Month: July

Year: 2021