Carlos Breakone

(Hungary ◊ 1986)

Carlos Breakone is pushing the limits of watercolor tattoos by infusing the style with spirit of graffiti. Looking at the compositions is like observing the world through fragments of stained glass. His work is an outstanding synthesis of cubist aesthetics, graphic design and street art making it unlike any other watercolor body art out there.

Aside from tattooing, Breakone creates incredible vibrant graffiti. If one looks at these pieces next to some of his tattoos, the way his work in other mediums informs his tattoo style becomes obvious. He translates the aesthetic of his street art into his body art perfectly, turning his clientele into walking, talking murals.

Through a fusion of graphic elements and the bold aesthetic of graffiti, Breakone’s challenges the conventions surrounding the watercolor tattoos. He tries to capture the vivid and expressive appearance of the runny color palettes. Instead of making pieces that have an effect feeling to them he uses blended color schemes to achieve an unparalleled intensity in his designs.