RAM Artist Because Art Matters


(Portugal ◊ 1976)

RAM is the name under which Portuguese visual artist Miguel Caeiro has been operating since he began painting illegally in the streets in 1997. A precursor of experimental graffiti and urban art, Ram has been treading a unique path in creating an entirely original language in the world of the new urban aesthetics. His energetic explosions of color and dynamic forms come close to a contemporary action painting imbued with a visionariness of a psychedelic nature, following a line of intense vitality that expresses the construction of ethereal realities – projections of a fertile imagination of the subconscious and the unconscious where the dynamic and primeval force of nature rules.


1. RAM (Rapid Aerosol Movement

2. RAMTAMPLAM (secret agent name)

3. Ex RAMBU (1st trains I painted)

2012 - “The Factory Files” project was finished

2020 - ARMosphere 2.0 “The Factory Files” were released

INSPIRATIONS The other side of the mirror, Nature, Cosmic Waves, Abandoned worlds and Deep realities, Tom Sawyer , Albert Hoffman , Jim Bob , David Bowie , Pirates and Boomers.

INFLUENCES  Psychedelic Music , Sun and Moons, Cosmic and Ocean Waves, my little Kid..

VISIONS Utopic worlds and Perfect Humans.

STUDIO ESSENTIALS Graffiti Spray Cans, Water, coffee, Smoking Papers and Arcade Machine.

COLOR White.

MEDIUM mixed stuff.

NOISE Psicadelic stuff.