Gonçalo Mar Artist Because Art Matters

Gonçalo MAR

(Portugal ◊ 1974)

Gonçalo MAR (n. 1974, Lisbon) has always been an artist. At twelve, he was already drawing the figures from his imagination with chalk on the tarmac. During his academic career, midway through a degree in Fashion Design, the artist began working as a designer in MagicToons animation studio. At the beginning of 98 - he made first contact with Graffiti.

Focused on building a proper and peculiar imaginative world, Gonçalo MAR’s work blends elements of comic books and animation with some elements of Japanese culture and the more traditional codes of street art. The multicolored central characters are wrapped in a surreal aura, shown in situations that seem dreamlike, coated with a lyricism evocative of his home in Portugal.

On the wall of a building, there may be a giant character inviting the viewer out of their routine and into his dream. However, Gonçalo MAR’s work is not limited only to graffiti or street art. The preparation level, the obsession with design and richness of details also transfer to various mediums incorporating wood, cardboard and cement. On the walls of an art gallery, these constitute a continuation and extension of the artist’s particular cosmos.


  1. Family guy
  2. Surfer
  3. Too much coffee man

INSPIRATIONS My inspirations come from my surroundings, Nature, Waves and the concept of mortality. 

INFLUENCES All the people that somehow make their dreams come true - from painters to craftsmen.

VISIONS I have the vision to transform my work to a transversal message concerning our environment.

STUDIO ESSENTIALS Coffee, a good light and all the painting material.

COLOR I always bet on the gummy colors!

MEDIUM Spray paint.

NOISE Grunge will always bring the perfect tone.