Patricia Mariano Artist Because Art Matters


(Portugal ◊ 1988)

Patricia Mariano is a visual artist based in Lisbon, who specializes in mixed media paintings and street art. Since she was a child, Mariano has demonstrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creative passion to fruition, through a combination of color, imagination and symbolism.

Mariano’s paintings are nestled somewhere between reality and dreams, and her compositions convey feelings of harmony with some elements of surrealism. She draws and paints everywhere she can and has been honing her skills for the past several years, challenging the inherent perfectionist that she is at heart. 

Since it all started, Mariano has been selected for multiple exhibitions and to various street art projects, and continues to work on her art every single day.


  1. Positive Mental Attitude
  2. Huge Animal Lover
  3. Idealistic

INSPIRATIONS Regarding my paintings, I have to say that I am very inspired by other artists. Sometimes I lose myself exploring their work and ‘imaginary worlds’ - often almost immediately giving me an urge to create something new.

But to be completely honest, instead of looking for role models, I try to become one myself. This doesn’t mean that I don’t feel inspired by life, music, other people or other artists - because I do. It just means that what really drives me and inspires me is to surpass myself in every aspect of life.

VISIONS “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

STUDIO ESSENTIALS Brushes, pencils, paper, canvases, acrylic and oil paint…

But if I just had a pencil I would still draw on the walls.

COLOR All colors of the visible spectrum.

MEDIUM Canvases, wood, paper, walls and also digital mediums. Everywhere, I guess.

NOISE Loud music, mostly.

I spent my teenage years listening to punk rock, hardcore, metalcore, crossover… and I guess it stick with me. When I’m working on my paintings I mostly listen to what is loudest. For some weird reason it calms me down.

But it depends, of course. I also listen to hip hop, jazz, classical music, witch house and techno sometimes