Cix Dmt

(Mexico ◊ 1983)

Son of a Chinanteco father and a Zapotec mother, Antonio Triana “Cix”, does not hesitate to show pride in his roots and his people.

At an early age, he managed to revolutionize the way in which urban art can be represented, thus capturing the attention of those who have the opportunity to see his work.

Self-taught urban artist, who focuses his work on surrealism, mysticism, and pre-Hispanic cultures, with the use of textures and intense colors.

His work has reached cities like London, Spain, Germany, France, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, the United States and around the Mexican Republic, thanks to the originality of his Paintings.

He has been involved with well known brands such as Redbull, Ekco Unltd, Sabritas, Comex, Sprite, Supra, Indio and Pepsi to name a few.

His interest in sharing his knowledge with young people and children, through his painting inspired by them, led him to give different workshops in places like Arca México and at the Tláhuac Lighthouse. 

This has been an important part of his growth as an artist, because he sees sharing his knowledge as a way to contribute to their lives.