-CHANGE- is an artistic passage through a moment of inevitable change. Abrupt. Powerful. Unknown. Revealing. With traces of a release to be found. It is the archetype of our times, under the unequivocal vision of the artists who come together here to, after crossing the interior mutation, make their contribution to a new establishment. And, soon after, continue with the eternal writing of the always attentive and permanent change.

BINAU / Burry Buermans / Fiumani / Gonçalo MAR / Hélio Bray / Jacqueline de Montaigne / L7 Matrix / Patrícia Mariano / RAM / Rita Ravasco

Hosted By Freixo Clássicos: Rua cidade de Cadiz N9A, Lisboa

November / December 2021

Photo: Ruben Morais Claudino

CATALOGUE / Sales enquiries: info@becauseartmatters.com

Request CATALOGUE / Sales enquiries: info@becauseartmatters.com