(Netherlands ◊ 1969)

Dadara began his artistic career in the early nineties designing flyers and record covers, and doing live-paintings for the then emerging electronic dance scene. This early work, as well as projects such as the Dadababy speakers and the Greyman Statue of No Liberty, marked the start of a decades-long career creating drawings, paintings, installations and performances.

“My two favorite mediums to use as an artist are acrylic paint and mindfuck.”

Since the turn of the century, his focus has shifted towards extravagant interactive performance-installations in public space. Many of these creations were built at the legendary Burning Man event in the Nevada desert, where he was the first international artist to create a big interactive installation. In 2023 he also created the visual image of Boom Festival and his Loading Love Temple got a permanent home on Boomland.

Dadara also started his own bank – the Exchanghibition Bank – exploring the value of Art and Money, where visitors could exchange their money for his banknotes of Zero, Million, Infinite, and Love.

Besides these type of projects he has also done many guerilla style interventions in public space.

His work is a kind of tweaked mirror which reflects our society, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Perhaps a black mirror, but one that has a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.