(Sweden ◊ 1972)

ETNIK lives and works in Turin (Italy) Active for about 30 years, has been painting large scale murals worldwide and always trying to push the artistic limit to a higher level, exploring urban landscapes to observe the City and search for abandoned industries.

 «My focus as an artist is about ‘the City’ as the playground where Urban art happens and is my way to criticize the world that I live in and walk everyday: overbuilding and less space for the natural elements make me paint and represent a dualism between geometrical and architectural masses (the CITIES) and natural shapes. Trying always to bring a positive vibe in a grey spot. Graffiti life has conditioned my point of view, by living the suburbs aspiring to a life that is more tied to nature, all my compositions usually have more then one point of view or are upside down just to represent the precarious balance of the human being.