Solo Art Show by Patricia Mariano ORACLE
Oracle is a solo exhibition by Patrícia Mariano, curated and produced by Because Art Matters.

Opening June 30th (18h -21h)

on view until July 10th (15h -20h)

Rua das Salgageirasnº10, Bairro Alto, Lisbon

The exhibition consists of a set of oil paintings that take us on a journey into a world of the artist’s dreams, full of messages and meanings.

In Oracle we are confronted with an oneiric imagery that means much more than the disconnected flow of images and sensations of most of our dreams.

These painted dreams are a door to the subconscious of the artist, or even, perhaps, to a spiritual world full of hidden messages. 

This is what an oracle truly is: an answer or a message from the universe.

Thus, it was the millennia old tradition of oracles, used throughout history, by countless civilizations, that inspired the artist to transform the images and characters who visit her in her dreams into messages.

After all, most of the answers we seek are usually within us. We just need to know how to look for them in our inner world.