(Portugal ◊ 1992)

HUARIU became fascinated with “graffiti” at a very young age, which led him to pick up a spray can for the first time at the age of 10. He then started by photographing all the graffiti he could find, and replicating them on paper, to the point where he absorbed enough information to start creating his own graffiti style. At age 15, he stopped writing and started skateboarding. In his early twenties, a friend who did commissioned murals, asked him if he was interested in helping him. HUARIU started out as an apprentice, and quickly started getting back into making art. At this time, he developed his characteristic style, using only black and white and various combinations of straight lines. Due to his fascination with different cultures, HUARIU takes inspiration from Aboriginal, Arab, Hindu, Buddhist, African people, among others, as inspiration for his art. His work focuses on conveying beauty, emotion and mystery. When asked what any of his murals mean, HUARIU replies – “They mean absolutely nothing, they are like a flower, the crashing of waves, a melody played by a pianist, they are to be appreciated with the heart.”