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Because Art Matters (BAM) is a Lisbon born and based playground for creative minds that promotes and amplifies synergies between artists, art lovers and a community of collectors searching for high-end aesthetics, exclusive and limited-edition artworks that break formal and conceptual boundaries.

We draw on a roster of talented and authentic artists whose global exhibitions, brand commissions, award-winning work and influential spheres, spanning various expressions of contemporary art – from street art, illustration, digital painting and the infinite connections in between.

We combine the artist’s experience and a collaborative dialogue to curate exclusive premium work from fine art to high-quality limited-editions for the independent thinker.

When acquiring a piece of art with BAM, you have our guarantee of purchasing always signed and certified Artworks. If you have never invested in a work of art before, we would like to do what we can to be your first.

Stay Safe and Collect Art.

Because Art Matters